I excelled more in stealth and espionage. I was able to get loads of info on multiple shipmates in only a week.
— Yunice to Master Cypher
Unfortunately... yes... Admiral Lasker of the First Order is my father. I left him and that organization years ago to become a part of the Resistance.
— Yunice to Vi'tesha
Yunice Lasker
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Ascension (Star Destroyer)
Birth Year 7 ABY
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5'8"
Professional Status
Affiliates First Order

Resistance Spy Unit

Occupation Spy Unit Leader
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Eridan Lasker (father)
Additional Info
Logo Star-wars-the-force-awakens-first-order-and-resistance-stickers-decals-insignia 47
Daughter of Eridan Lasker, an Admiral affiliated with her enemy, she was appalled at the horrors the First Order dealt. She vowed to leave the disgraceful organization and become a part of the Resistance, knowing she would be on opposite ends from her family.


Yunice has fine blonde hair and shining blue eyes. Her skin is a nice, fair color. Her body is slender with some slight muscle and she's quite beautiful.


Yunice was always a curious girl. She liked getting into others' business, especially those she was close to. She especially got into their business if it meant their safety. Yunice didn't think twice in finding information that she didn't necessarily need to know, which got her in some trouble as a young one. It's also what got her to find out the true evils of the First Order.

Yunice can get quite serious when in the right moment. She holds much pride in her work, the Spy Unit, and the Resistance itself. When she's in work mode, you don't want to tick her off. Her bad side is not the nicest. But, she can be compassionate when need-be.


When in battle, Yunice wears her power suit. It's not much, considering the Resistance's budget, but it's enough to power her energized blasters that shoot blue energy blasts. It also covers her whole body except her face, which gives good protection.

When not in battle, she carries a basic blaster, and that's basically it.

She also always carries a medium-quality tablet she can do hacking work, research, or surveillance in different situations. It can be helpful in reconnaissance missions.


Yunice is one of the best hackers known to the galaxy, especially in the Resistance. It was always just a forte of hers. In the First Order, she would be able to find information on multiple crewmembers of the Ascension in only a week.

Her stealth is also well known, good at hiding and sneaking up on unsuspecting targets.

And although it took her awhile, her leadership skills grew until it made her shine and got her the position as Spy Unit Commander.


Early YearsEdit

Yunice was born on the star destroyer Ascension. Her father, Eridan Lasker, had her trained to be a fighter by a young age. She found to be quite exceptional at espionage, stealth, and hacking.

However, because of these skills, she was able to find secrets about the First Order and the old Empire; the secrets her father would never tell her, neither her teachers. These secrets told her of the horrors of the Death Star, the murderous rampages of Darth Vader, the evil doings of the Emperor, and the new Starkiller Base and how it would be an even stronger cousin to the Death Star. All of this gave her the want to leave such a horrible army of evildoers.

She only had one friend, a woman named Vi'nessa, who became like a sister to her. But, when Yunice confessed all the horrible things about the First Order and such, Vi'nessa told her to keep those secrets to herself. Yunice told her she wanted to leave and join the Rebellion. Vi'nessa said to never say such a thing and to not betray the organization. Yunice couldn't believe her best friend to discourage her from choosing a better life when clearly this life was one of evil.

Yunice tried her best to keep her feelings hidden, but when she reached the age of fifteen...

A New PathEdit

She got into an arguement with her father and she blurted out her feelings about the First Order. She realized what she had done and decided to go with it. She ran out of the meeting room and her father sent two stormtroopers to chase after her, one of them being Vi'nessa.

Yunice was able to reach a hangar holding an old lambda-class ship. She flew out of the hangar and Vi'nessa chased after her in a TIE Fighter. After trying to persuade her friend to come back, Yunice said her goodbye and went into hyperspace, headed randomly toward Tatooine.

Once there, her ship was being pulled in by a tractor beam towards a New Republic cruiser. She was brought on and put in a private room with a small bed and a desk. Here she met Cayda'araan, the commander. Cayda'araan questioned Yunice and learned that Yunice was the daughter of Eridan Lasker and that the Ascension was in the Unknown Regions. The captain left after getting all the infor she needed.

After awhile, a man named Jaeson-Araan Cypher. She learned he was Force sensitive and she told him about her father and why she left.

Jaeson assured Yunice that, with training, she would make a great spy for the Resistance, and she happily agreed to join. Her future has started!

New Comrades and CareerEdit

Eventually, Yunice was able to become leader of the Resistance Spy Unit. Her job, along with her crew, were to try their best to find out the secrets of the First Order and anyone else who threatened the peace of the galaxy. She became close to all those under her, and even became friends, almost like a sister, to a girl named Vi'tesha, who reminded her of her old friend, Vi'nessa.

It was almost eerie how similar Vi'tesha and Vi'nessa were, not mentioning their names. This is why Yunice was able to feel such a close connection to her. She will admit, however, that she can be a bit overprotective of her, which leads to the suspicion of Vi'tesha's love interest, Reon Drell, who was later found to have also been a runaway from the First Order.


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