The Vypus Fruit is a sweet tasting but poisnous fruit that originates from a secluded part of Endor.

Source & OriginEdit

The Vypus Fruit originates from a secluded area of Endor. It grows on a small bush with bluish-green leaves. You can't pick it like a regular fruit, for when you rub against the leaves, it will release a strong odor onto your skin and you will become quite ill.


Discovery of EffectsEdit

This fruit was discovered by an explorer during the time of The Old Republic. The explorer was studying secluded parts of Endor that the Ewoks did not live in or investigate, mostly for low food sources or dangerous creatures. In this case, low food source was an issue in the area the Vypus Bush grew

This explorer tried to pick the fruit regularly but became extremely ill and had to return to his camp. His assistant helped him to become better and he went back to the fruit to try again. This time he used an extension claw to grab it and he was able to pick a few. He kept them in a refergerated cooler for many months. When he got back to his lab on Coruscant, he examined the fruit and found out it was quite poisonous.

He still wanted to see how long the effects were, what the effects were, and what it tasted like. He got wamp rats to try it and they all felt fine and actually had increased endorphines. A few hours later, they all started to vomit. Another hour later, they were all found dead. 

Wrong UsesEdit

One of the scientists saw the power of the fruit and wanted to use it for wrong purposes. He wanted revenge for having his girlfriend taken away by his own older brother. He stole what was left of the Vypus Extract and took his room-mate with him to visit his brother. They acted as if they were just going to hang out, but when the brother went to use the restroom, the scientist put some extract into his drink.

The brother came back, took a sip, and exclaimed how much sweeter it tasted. The scientist and his friend left and heard the news early in the morning that he was found dead in his bathroom. No one knew how he died and didn't expect who did it. But security cameras caught the scientist stealing some extract and he was questioned. Soon he was questioned by a Jedi and finally spilled all the information, except any info about his friend.

The scientist the consequence of imprisonment and let his friend know what happened. The friend took this as an oppurtunity to take some extract left in the house and sell it to others that he knew would pay good money for a poison that was sweet and disguised as a sweetness enhancer for foods or beverages. When he ran out, he stole some more from the lab, this time under cover, unlike his scientist friend, and sold some more.

He also went into a virtual journal to see where it came from, told one of his cousins who owns a ship and the cousin went to Endor to get some more. Many years later, it became a widely undercover poison sold secretely in many places in Coruscant and other planets. It became illegal after it was found out, but the sales keep on going.


The Vypus Fruit has a light purple skin with tiny black hairs. The stem is a dark green. The size is pretty small, slightly smaller than the palm of a human's hand. The inside is a dark purple, but the juice is clear. The biggest bush only grows to about 5 feet. The leaves of the bush are a bluish-green and round.


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