Hart, if I die... I'm going to kill you.
— Tess to Hart Tenson

Vi'tesha Lishko
Vi'tesha Lishko
Nickname Tess
Status Active
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Lothal
Birth Year 16 ABY
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Lightly Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliates Resistance
Occupation Medic/Mechanic
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:

By Marriage:

Additional Info
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Vi'tesha "Tess" Lishko, a human medic and mechanic for the Resistance, serves for justice as she questions the stability of all Force users, including Luke Skywalker.


Tess is a pretty, young girl. She has long brunette hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail or bun of some type. Her ocean blue eyes stand out on her light tan skin. She's of average height and weight, but she has some lean muscle on her from working on a farm.


Vi'tesha is usually a nice person. She likes to meet new people and visit new places whenever she can. Tess likes a good laugh every now and then and she's pretty funny herself, at least she thinks so. Tess is also pretty artsy, although her drawing journal is strictly personal and no one is allowed to look in it.

When in a bad mood, it's best to be out of her way. Leave her to her machines. Tess can get vicious and is no more the ray of sunshine she usually is.

However, not many have ever seen her sad. No one has ever seen her cry over anything, and she is pretty tough in that way. But, no one has gotten close enough to her to see that much softer side. The only people that have seen her so vulnerable are her parents.


When on base, she has two groups of equipment:

  • When in Medic Mode, she doesn't hold much except a small medical kit. Most of the fancier stuff is in the infirmary where she'll be in Medic Mode.
  • In Mechanic Mode, you'll find Tess walking around or fixing things with a tool belt around her waist, her tool box that roles on wheels, and a large cloth to wipe off any grime or sweat she may be accumulating.

When out travelling, if given the chance, she has these items on her:  *Smaller tool belt than when in Mechanic Mode

  • Small medic pack
  • DL-18 blaster pistol
  • Vibroknife
  • Upgrade: Deathstick Sedative Shooter (DSS) - This firearm was specially designed to shoot Death Sticks at targets. She would also have syringes full of Vypus fruit juice to poison her targets for a slow, painful death.
  • Upgrade: Body Armor
  • Upgrade: Blastsword - cortosis alloy woven for use against lightsabers


Tess has learned to do many things while living on the farm, but here are her main skills:

  • Mechanic Skill: Tess' father taught her many things when it came fixing and building machines. She could fix electrical appliances big and small to fixing speeders and, by the age of thirteen, her father's ship! With minimal help from her father. She can also refurbish old droids and make them look as good as new. The one thing she does have trouble with however is, when in a bad mood, her mind goes haywire and she'll start forgetting how to do things that she's been learning her whole life.
  • Medic Skill: Tess' mother taught her how to bandage up different injuries from scratches to broken limbs. She also learned how to cure some illnesses with ancient methods, but her mother knew very few.
  • Animals: Tess is really good with animals and how to find them through tracks, scents, and other such clues.
  • Cooking: Tess is able to cook a various amount of meals and beverages thanks to both of her parents.
  • Gardening: Tess knows how to grow vegetation and keep them alive. But she doesn't use this skill often.
  • Sewing: Thanks to her mother, Tess dabbled in sewing. However, due to this being her least favorite skill to learn, she didn't keep up with it so now she's a bit rusty.
  • Survival: Tess has learned how to survive in the wild with the skills she has. Although she's never had need of them for a dire survival situation yet, she's already prepared.
  • Martial Arts: After meeting Reon Drell, he taught her how to really fight, without the constant use of weapons, and she actually got quite good at it.


Early YearsEdit


Thanks to Rinmarugames

Tess was born on a beautiful farm on the planet Lothal to humans Atto and Lythani Lishko. She helped her parents with fixing machinery and working with animals and tending to crops. She learned healing methods and how to treat different illnesses and injuries from her mother and learned how to work on machines and fix a number of things from her father. She lived this quaint farm life for most of life quite happy with not much worry.

There Was AnotherEdit

One day, in her mid-teens, Tess woke up to an empty house. Usually her mother was making breakfast and her father would either be out in the fields, feeding the animals, or working on some machine. She looked all over the farm until she found her parents sitting under their gazebo. They were holding each other and she could hear light sobbing.

"Ma? Pa?" she asked.

Her father stood up and looked at his daughter with sad eyes. He told her to come close and she sat in a chair in front of them. They reminded her of the new Jedi Academy under Luke Skywalker, and that the day before, a fellow student, Luke's nephew, was the cause of a massacre that left all of the other students dead and Luke Skywalker fled. Then, they told her that her older sister, who she has never met, was killed in that massacre.

Tess was speechless and many emotions and questions flood her mind. Then she started to feel anger. Anger that she was never able to meet her sister Erynn, anger that Luke didn't do more to save her or the others, anger at Kylo Ren. Tess didn't know what to do with herself, until a couple of months later. She had been thinking about it for awhile and finally came to a decision. She was going to join the Resistance and avenge her sister's death and all of the countless innocent lives that the First Order had caused.

Joining the ResistanceEdit

Tess became a medic and mechanic, and if need-be, a fighter, for the Resistance and she planned on sticking around for the complete destruction of the First Order and Kylo Ren and this so-called Dark Side that helped take away the sister she will never know.

While on Base, she made the acquaintance of Yunice Lasker, the leader of the Spy Unit, who took to Tess like a big sister. Yunice is always making sure Tess is safe and doesn't like it when Tess wants to always go travelling without her.

The Start of Love and WarEdit

Tess was on a secret Resistance meeting in a cantina on Nar Shadaa with Yunice and some others. The others had a few places to visit and Tess stayed behind in the cantina they were at. There she met Hart Tenson, a former Heavy Elite Striker Corps member for the First Order. Unbeknownst to Tess, she talked with him and once she found out he had his own ship and wouldn't mind coming to the Resistance, she wanted to go along with him, finding this to be her chance to leave Yunice's side for awhile. Begrudgingly, Yunice allowed her to go with Hart.

However, on their way to D'Qar, they were forced out of hyperspace and crash landed on Mon Gazza. Tess was able to repair every mishap on Hart's ship, but right before their planned departure, they were attacked by Exan Drell, a Dark Enforcer working with the First Order. Hart was able to save them by throwing Exan over a chasm. Tess was able to drag the wounded Hart back onto the ship and they left Mon Gazza, heading their way back to D'Qar.

Once there, Yunice had her best hacker Remmie acquire hidden footage on Hart's ship, without the latter knowing. She found out about the fighting style Hart used against Exan Drell. It was unmistakeable to being that of a fighter for a certain group affiliated with the First Order. After confronting Hart about his past, he agreed to tell Tess about it. Tess, however, found she cared deeply for him already, and accepted his past. That is when their partnership began.

The Unknown Truth Edit

Two months after the destruction of the Starkiller Base. Tess and Hart were assigned as operatives to go to different systems to check for any First Order presense on lesser known planets. Once they reached the vicinity of the fourth planet in the Aldus System, they recieved a transmission from a comrade of Yunice's. This person was Jaeson-Araan Cypher, a modern Revanite operative, whom Tess had no knowledge of as being a Force User.

Once they were able to get through the extreme storm that blanketed the atmosphere, they crash landed near Jaeson's ship. After introductions, Tess went over to help fix Jaeson's engine. After repairing it, she walked in on him telekinetically moving small objects. With Tess' attitude toward Force Users, this made her feel uneasy and she left his ship. The next morning, they were attacked by a pack of Tuk'ata. They were able to kill most and scare the rest with only minimal damage.

The three eventually travelled through the storm all geared up to find an ancient Sith Temple. Inside they were attacked by possessed skeletons and corpses. A dark presense pulled Hart into a corridor, trapping him inside. Tess was stuck with Jaeson and they tried another way. Jaeson was able, through the Force, to help Tess find a secret entryway to a hidden corridor. That maze led her to a hidden Throne Room, where she found Hart talking to Exan Drell and a Force Spirit who was found out to be Darth Xerska, an ancient ancestor of Exan's... and Hart's. Hart was actually once Reon Drell, descendant of this once powerful Darth and twin brother to Exan. After Xerska was able to possess Tess and have her attack Hart, he bit back, jabbing her in the side with his baton. Jaeson was able to come and save them both, snapping Hart out of his wrongly pointed rage, and Tess from near abusive death. Xerska and Jaeson dueled it out with lightning attacks until the Revanite was able to weaken the Darth enough for the three to escape.

Once back on D'Qar, Tess was sent to the infirmary and later learned of Hart's situation and how Jaeson agreed to train Hart. Tess' love for Hart was too deep to not forgive him of his outburst. He promised he was never going to let Xerska and his brother to determine who he would be. They eventually went off with Jaeson for Hart to train under him and for Tess to continue being the huge support she is.

The UndeadEdit

Six months after agreeing to train with Jaeson and his already-apprentice Skai'ra Cloudstalker, Hart, now wanting to be referred to as Reon, was able to obtain his crystal to put in his modified baton to make a customised lightsaber on Tess' homeworld, Lothal. After that, Reon, along with the others, met with Tess' parents who provided a feast for them all.

After the dinner, Reon asked for Tess' hand in marriage to her father privately. Her father was quite happy and blessed their coming together. When they left for Nar Shadaa, this is when Reon proposed. Tess happily said yes. During this time, they also briefly discussed the possibility of having children.

Once on Nar Shadaa, they met up with Yunice and discussed the First Order for a short while.

That night, however, they were raided by a low quality Heavy Elite Corps from the First Order and two Dark Enforcers. A battle ensued and many were harmed and killed. Tess was finally able to reach the control room where the Enforcers were. Yunice was attacked and dragged to safety by Tess.

Finally, Tess had a confrontation with the female Enforcer, Prida Oviss, who she didn't know to be her presumed-dead older sister, Erynn Lishko, and the wife of Exan Drell. After a large battle, both girls were seperated but unconscious. They met again in a white room through the Force and were able to talk. Prida explained her life and why she was changed from Erynn, a Jedi recruit, to Prida, a Dark Enforcer, wife to a descendant of Sith, and mother to his child. Tess tried to tell her she could rejoin the light side, but Prida couldn't see a future where she was completely broken away from her admitted mistakes.

Eventually, after the retreat of the few remaining Heavy Elites and the two Enforcers, Tess explained to Reon about her sister.

A couple of weeks after that whole incident, Tess was delighted to learn of a wonderful surprise.

She was pregnant.


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