Swtor imperial agent
Age 18
Title None
Alias None
Nickname Veca
Status Alive
Rank Captain
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Chiss
Species Chiss
Birth Year 12 ABE
Handedness Right
Complexion Blue
Hair Blue
Eyes Red
Force Ability None
Height 5'4
Weight 108
Professional Status
Faction Resistance
Partners Eorun Marr
Occupation Resistance Militawoman
Underlings None (currently)

Appearance Edit

Veca has the standard blue skin and red eyes for the Chiss species. Her hair shares a similar color to her skin but slightly darker, which is styled to slightly cover her left eye and sides that reach to at least above the neck. The Chiss also has an average figure and height. For attire, Veca uses custom-built, green colored battle armor, a nano-fiber mesh underneath with black boots.

Personality Edit

Being trained to be a member of the local militia, Veca's personality matches accordingly:loyal,serious but caring when it comes to her partner. When given orders, she does prefer to do things by the book unless forced to do otherwise. Her loyalty has never come into question through her career as a militia soldier and a Resistance fighter. She does have a softer side when it comes to her closest friend though, who she's treated like a little brother since childhood.

History Edit

Veca was born on the small world of Bastirven III . Her father was one of the many who acted as a soldier in the planet's militia forces. He worked alongside the father of Eorun Marr in the Galactic Civil War.

However when Eorun's father died from illness, Veca helped the orphaned 12 year old Eroun get by in life. She helped take care of him and kept him out of trouble when he wasn't working his job as a bike courier.

Things went well for a few years, until the First Order arrived and quarantined the planet and its people. For the most part, they only had interest in controlling the planet's ore mining and farming output, taxing the people heavily, but otherwise maintaining a fragile peace until a cell of rebels on the planet started striking at the First Order near Eorun's home town. Veca was among those striking against the First Order's forces.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Hand to hand combat(Expert)
  • Marksmanship(Expert)
  • Explosives expert(novice)
  • Hacking(novice)