Ok, here's the idea. The GFFA has been plagued by the extragalactic invasion of the Grimm for thousands of years. The Republic does what it can to hold them at bay with the help of the graduates from the many Jedi academies scattered throughout the galaxy. One of the most prestigous academies is Beacon, on a small inner-rim world called Remnant. Meanwhile, the Faunus species are being subjected to increasing discrimination outside their homeworld of Menegerie.

Our characters will be students at Beacon Jedi Academy, alongside fellow students on Team STAR (Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Padme Amidala, Rex). Obi-Wan, Yoda, Windu, and Kit Fisto are the teachers. The students would learn to utilize their Auras to manipulate the Force with the eventual goal of unlocking their Semblances. Also, RWBY weapon design, applied to Lightsabers. Just think about it.

What the students would quickly learn is that Menegerie has formed an army known as the White Fang, and have allied themselves with the Trade Federation in a Seperatist movement that threatens to tear the galaxy apart in civil war. If the Republic falls, the Grimm will extinguish all life in the galaxy. But if it doesn't, it may arise from the ashes of war as something ever more terrifying.

So, obviously this is very AU. Characters don't have to be Force adepts in Fanon to join in. They don't have to have been born at any particular time. Idealy I'd like to get enough people in on this to make a four-person team. If necessary, I can provide two characters towards that goal, although I'd prefer not to. Someone from the Drago family would be my first choice.

The primary conflict would be the start of the Clone Wars. White Fang forces clashing against the Jedi and clone army. Meanwhile, Supreme Chancellor Fall sits back and watches her plan unfold, the galaxy being completely unaware of her secret existence as Darth Cinder.

Ironwood as a Trade Federation official seems to fit pretty well. Maybe Darth Maul is a Faunus this time 'round, stag-type or something. Evil Penny taking the role of Grievous perhaps? I'm open to ideas on how the two worlds might mix.

Is anyone else interested in this idea? It'd be the first AU RP on the wiki. It seemed like a natural choice, considering the overlap. Tell me what y'all think.