Author's note: This OC is completely a WIP, and is the property of me--Jadefire62.

Talia Itríne is a human who was a very young child in the events of Episode VI, born on Tatooine. Later, she was found and trained by the new Jedi order. She wields a blue lightsaber, and, as of the moment, is a padawan.

Talia Itríne
Age 18
Status Active
Rank Padawan
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Human
Birthplace Tatooine
Handedness Right
Hair Blue/Black
Eyes Dark

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Talia has choppy, mostly blue hair, through which black can be seen. The reason her hair is that way is because she dyed it. She has dark eyes.

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As a Jedi, Talia, of course, has a lightsaber. Hers is blue in color.

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