This is a message from Skitti, one of the admins.

Until further notice or something changes, this wiki is officially dead. The original owner has left with no signs of coming back and only one administrator was left (being me). Unfortunately, due to a disinterest and a busier life, I do not make a regular appearance on here anymore. This leaves no administrators to watch over the wiki regularly.

I do check up on this wiki every great once in awhile and I have noticed a small bit of activity. I would hate to discourage creativity, especially when it comes to the amazing universe of Star Wars. Therefore, I see no problem with allowing new users to utilize our page format to put up their characters and creations. However, I will say that if you do, they will still be considered "pending" here and no one will come by to accept them as characters to the wiki. If this wiki is ever picked back up again by the administrators then we will look over any new pages and do with them as is needed. Until then enjoy your creative liberties for the time being.

I apologize for any inconveniences. May the Force be with all of you and never stop imagining. Stay creative!


I would like to put a shameless plug for a wiki owned by me and a friend (who also is an administrator here). This wiki is home to all of our Star Wars creations because I wanted a wiki format to organize all of them but I didn't want to put them here due to the rules of the wiki. Check it out if you're curious. And if you ever want a role-play partner, go ahead and check out the characters on our wiki and we'll see what we can do. I would love to role-play if any of my characters fit a story you would like to create. And... I'm not opposed to making a completely new character either lol.

Link to our wiki:

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