Shadowblood Guild
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Membership Notable:
Professional Status
Affiliates Bounty Hunters' Guild
Occupation Bounty Hunters
The Shadowbloods was a guild of Bounty Hunters during the age of the Old Republic. There they could find comradery, missions for single or multiple people, and shared earnings. The Shadowbloods had a feud with the Bounty Hunters' Guild, but those who found themselves happy in the Shadowbloods kept their loyalty.


Wes, a former member of the short-lived Shadowblood Sisters, met a young man by the name of Troy Edgerbelt on the planet Nar Shadaa. He was a Bounty Hunter who was kicked out of a small guild because of a cruel and difficult guildmaster. Wes told him she had experience with being in a "guild" and he asked her if she was a Bounty Hunter too. She lied and said yes, and so he asked if she would help him start their own guild with two of his other friends. She agreed and the Shadowbloods were born.

Over some time the guild grew into an acceptable size. Troy was an excellent guildmaster and many were happy with him being leader.

The Shadowbloods were able to go on for a couple more generations until the last few remaining members were swallowed up by the larger and more menacing Bounty Hunters' Guild.