Title The Beast
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Wookie
Birthplace Trandosha
Birth Year 32 BBY
Handedness Right
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Height 282 centimeters
Weight 207 kilograms
Professional Status
Occupation Pet
Employers Reginald the Hutt
Additional Info
Likes Nothing
Dislikes Following orders
Weaknesses Obedience
Qorok 1

Qorok the Beast

Qorok was a Wookie who was kept as a pet and executioner by Reginald the Hutt during the reign of the Empire.


Qorok is tall, even for a Wookie. His body is covered with uncut black hair. His eyes are soulless and blacker than night. His right eye has a vertical scar running all the way from his forhead down to his cheekbone. His entire body is covered in scratches and scars and burns of all shapes and sizes. His teeth have been carefully sharpened.


Whatever personality Qorok might have once had has been stripped away completely. Now there's nothing left except obedience and hate. He does whatever he's told with no exception. He has a burning hatred for everything in the galaxy with no exception. He has fully transformed himself into the monster that his master wanted him to become, and he hates himself for it.


Qorok was born in a Trandoshan slave camp. He was bought by Reginald the Hutt at a very young age. Reginald kept him as a pet and conditioned him into perfect obedience over the next decade of Qorok's life.

When Qorok turned 15 he was thrown into the arena, pitted against a Bounty Hunter who had failed their mission. He tore the Bounty Hunter limb from limb, but not before getting a nasty scar on his right eye. He continued to be used by Reginald as a gladitorial animal for the remainder of his life, only ever losing three battles, one of which finally claimed his life in the year 12 ABY.


Qorok is very strong, being able to lift up to twenty times his own weight without too much trouble. He also has a tendency to survive despite being inflicted with seemingly fatal injuries, such as multiple blaster shots, a punctured lung or a cracked skull. His combat technique is savagely persistent. He persues his opponent directly until he can catch them and rip them into pieces. He never uses weapons. Monsters don't use weapons.


The image of Qorok was made in photoshop using images of various wookies combined with Koba from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Mor'du from Brave.