Erynn Lishko
Prida Oviss
Alias Prida Oviss
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Lothal
Birth Year 5 ABY
Handedness Right
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Height 5'6"
Professional Status
Affiliates First Order
Partners Masters:
  • Luke Skywalker (Jedi)
  • Supreme Leader Snoke (Dark Enforcer)
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:

By Marriage:

Additional Info
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Originally a farm girl from Lothal, Erynn was discovered to be Force Sensitive and sent to train under Luke Skywalker for his new Jedi Order. After falling in love with Ben Solo but being left heartbroken when he wouldn't accept her advances, Erynn allowed herself to be brought to the Dark by Snoke and she was able to escape Kylo Ren's massacre. She promised her devotion to the Enforcers of Darkness and the First Order. Under the new name Prida Oviss, she became a user of the Dark Side and wife to a descendant of an ancient Sith.


Prida grew into a beautiful woman with long brown hair and hazel eyes.


As a young girl, she was a focused one. When given a task, she would focus on it until done. She found that her focus shifted too much on a young Ben Solo, who was the same age as her, and she then became obsessed with him.

After transitioning to the Dark Side, Prida became depressed, angry, easily irritated, and sullen. She found no joy or enjoyment in anything. She just lived through her internal hell with gritted teeth.


Prida only carried her lightsaber, both as a Padawan under Luke Skywalker, and as a Dark Enforcer.


  • Force Grip
  • Force Push & Pull
  • Force Jump
  • Telekinesis
  • Force Visions
  • Force Speed


Early YearsEdit

Born Erynn Lishko on the planet Lothal to farmers, she had a quaint life for awhile. Eventually, being found out as a Force Sensitive, she was called to join the new Jedi Academy being taught under Luke Skywalker. Erynn left her parents to train and learn how to become a part of the new generation of Jedi.

A Tough DecisionEdit

Here, she met Ben Solo, and she started accumulating feelings for him. Erynn would try to talk to him, but she was so shy around him and he wouldn't pay any attention to her. Eventually, in a dream, she was approached by Snoke and seduced to joining the Dark Side with promises of her wishes coming true, her wish to be loved by Ben. When she was told of his plans to assassinate all her peers, she was shocked at first, but her love for Ben was so strong it blinded her and she escaped before the bloody event took place.

She came under the new name Prida Oviss and promised loyalty to the First Order and to the Dark Side. She became one of the Dark Enforcers and pledged to do Snoke's dirty work.


Unfortunately, Prida's heart was broken, having realized Kylo Ren never would love her and ignored her ever since her becoming a user of the Dark Side. Under depression, she fell for the young Exan Drell, and he fell for her. They got into a relationship and married, eventually bearing a son named Xas'mar, who she never really wanted in the first place.

Discovery of the UnknownEdit

Fives years after her son's birth, Prida ran into her unknown younger sister, Vi'tesha Lishko in a battle at a Resistance mini-base on Nar Shadaa. After they both fell unconscious, they saw each other in a dream sequence. Prida confessed all she had done and Vi'tesha tried to convince her that she could flee the First Order and join her. Prida felt she was too deep in her affiliation with Exan, her son, and the Dark Side.

After the battle, Prida started feeling intense guilt.


  • Prida is similar to Perdita meaning "lost" in Latin
  • Oviss is similar to Ovis which is the element meaning "sheep"
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