Marx Forrum
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Coruscant
Birth Year 5 BTC

3658 BBY

Handedness Right
Complexion Light Tan
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 6'0"
Professional Status
Affiliates New Dream Crew
Occupation Smuggler
Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:

By Adoption:

Finding out his father was a failing alcoholic at the impressionable age of three does things to a boy. Marx finds it hard to trust anyone he loves, and yet he joing his siblings on their journey of Smuggling.


Marx was a very handsome boy, ever since he was of young age. He looked mature for his age, with a rugged look and a lean, muscular body. His hair was deep brown and wavy. He was the second tallest of his siblings, and although he was the youngest, he was never percieved as the youngest.


Marx was hot-headed, brooding, and angsty. He was a menace at school, if he even went, and was always getting into fights. He was quite violent ever since he was a toddler, not knowing how to properly release his emotions. He had no compassion for anyone, except for his siblings, but even then it wasn't enough.

He wasn't too smart, considering he rarely went to school, and when he did he didn't pay attention to any of the lessons. He relied on his street smarts.

Marx was also quite rude when it came to women. He would treat them poorly if he was "with" one and saw them as objects of lust.


Unknown to his siblings, he owned a blaster pistol when on Coruscant, but lost it in a scuffle right before he left to become a Smuggler. Then, he acquired a blaster rifle and some vibroknives.


Marx was agile and strong, able to take on even big foes. He never backs down from a fight (unless forced by his siblings) so he has forced endurance.

Marx was able to learn martial arts from some delinquents in the lower parts of Coruscant along with his older brother.


Early LifeEdit

Marx was born to Nellis and Bressa Forrum and three siblings, his two older brothers Vane and Harlow Forrum, and Lilezi Sodo, his adopted older Mirialan sister.

When Marx was three, Bressa became quite ill and passed away in the hospital. Nellis was heartbroken and his true colors began to show. What was unknown to the happy family was that Nellis had a dirty secret. He was a recovering alcoholic and when Bressa was sick he relapsed, and he was having an affair with a coworker. The death of Bressa caused him to tumble into drunkeness and this turned the once joyful home into a hellhole.

Nellis became angrier, depressed, and was doing terribly at work. Eventually he was fired when Lilezi and Vane were sixteen, so they both decided to get part-time jobs. Lilezi worked at a theater for holofilms and Vane got a job as a busboy at a shady bar. This wasn't enough for their home so they had to sell it and rent out a smaller apartment in the lower levels of Coruscant. Lilezi and Vane kept their jobs and encouraged Harlow to get one too, and he did, finding work in a library.

The Wrong CrowdEdit

Because his siblings were always busy and his father was out drinking, Marx was neglected and so he started hanging with all the wrong people. He would drink alcohol, do drugs, and skip school all the time. He lost his virginity to an older woman when he was eleven-years-old. He got into violent gang fights and surprisingly survived them all.

Lilezi and Vane got onto his case all the time when he would come home after being "missing". He would never listen to them at all and would do his own thing.

Realizing A New DreamEdit

When Marx was eleven, the four siblings received news of their father and that he was found dead in an alley. The cause of the death was alcohol poisoning and drug overdose. How he obtained the drugs, they had no idea. All four fell even deeper into depression and anxiety.

Vane and Lilezi decided it was time to leave and start something they've been thinking about for awhile; smuggling. They've been planning for this time for awhile now. Vane knew of a ship owner who he became good friends with and could get the hookup if they gave him 100,000 credits for an XS stock light freighter. They've been saving up tons of money from all three of their jobs, and even Marx helped out with some credits he had stolen At this point, they were desperate to leave Coruscant and their troubles behind, so they took it. All four got the ship and left Coruscant.

Harlow and Lilezi read up on piloting and took many free, low-quality piloting simulator tests, so they knew how to work a ship and pilot it, although the real thing wasn't near as easy as the simulators.

Marx and Vane were skilled fighters and learned how to shoot firearms, as well as teaching Lilezi some moves, however Harlow only wanted to learn the basics; he didn't want to rely on violence. He only wanted to be the brains.

The four, who refer to their ship as the New Dream, became even tighter in relationship, even Marx who gave them some trouble from the start.


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