Harlow Forrum
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Coruscant
Birth Year 10 BTC

3663 BBY

Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5'11"
Professional Status
Affiliates New Dream Crew
Occupation Library Boy


Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:

By Adoption:

Not knowing their father's true self, Harlow and his siblings knew that had to make choices for themself. Was smuggling the best choice?


Harlow was averagely attractive, but vanity wasn't a concern of his. Being he was the shortest and quietest of his siblings, he was often mistaken for the youngest of the four. He was thin, but not in an unhealthy way. His brown hair was silky and usually covered half of his face when looking down, which he did a lot considering his face was usually stuck in a holobook.


Being a recluse, Harlow stuck to mainly himself, either in his room or any hiding spot he could find. He wasn't sociable and didn't necessarily know how to talk to people. His social awkwardness only amplified his desire to stay held up in a corner with a good book or homework.

Harlow was also an exceptional student in his school. He always got good grades, never missed an assignment, and was very book smart. Because of this, he would get picked on, but not for long once his brothers found out and took care of the problem.


Harlow only carried a vibroknife on him. He didn't like relying on extreme weaponry and left those trinkets to the rest of the gang.


Harlow was highly intelligent for his age and quite mature, having a calm nature about him wherever he went, and was able to think of how to get out of most situations at a moment's notice.

Since he read a lot and could do research fast, he was able to learn how to pilot most basic ships through simulators, informational holofilms, and books.


Early YearsEdit

Harlow was born to Nellis and Bressa Forrum and an older brother named Vane. Only a couple of weeks after he was born, his father brought in a two-year-old Mirialan girl named Lilezi Sodo. The three kids grew up together, and while Lilezi and Vane played together all the time, Harlow stayed to himself as usual. They would always invite him to play or have adventures with them, but he would turn them down having no extreme fascination with such things. His parents worried for his well being, but he didn't worry. He was perfectly fine to his standards.

When Harlow was five-years-old, a new member was born, Marx.

True ColorsEdit

When Marx was three, Bressa became quite ill and passed away in the hospital. Nellis was heartbroken and his true colors began to show. What was unknown to the happy family was that Nellis had a dirty secret. He was a recovering alcoholic and when Bressa was sick he relapsed, and he was having an affair with a coworker. The death of Bressa caused him to tumble into drunkeness and this turned the once joyful home into a hellhole.

Nellis became angrier, depressed, and was doing terribly at work. Eventually he was fired when Lilezi and Vane were sixteen, so they both decided to get part-time jobs. Lilezi worked at a theater for holofilms and Vane got a job as a busboy at a shady bar. This wasn't enough for their home so they had to sell it and rent out a smaller apartment in the lower levels of Coruscant. Lilezi and Vane kept their jobs and encouraged Harlow to get one too, and he did, finding work in a library.

Their father was gone most of the time, either at a bar or where-ever; the kids were constantly worried about him.

Realizing a New DreamEdit

Because he worked at a rarely visited library, Harlow had plenty of free time to read a plethora of books. Some of the books he read were wild Smuggler books about crazy adventure. Lilezi worked at a theater and would watch many smuggler holofilms for free. Vane was able to meet Smugglers passing by through the shady bar he worked at.

When Harlow was sixteen, the four siblings received news of their father and that he was found dead in an alley. The cause of the death was alcohol poisoning and drug overdose. How he obtained the drugs, they had no idea. All four fell even deeper into depression and anxiety.

Vane and Lilezi decided it was time to leave and start something they've been thinking about for awhile; smuggling. They've been planning for this time for awhile now. Vane knew of a ship owner who he became good friends with and could get the hookup if they gave him 100,000 credits for an XS stock light freighter. They've been saving up tons of money from all three of their jobs, and even Marx helped out with some credits he had stolen At this point, they were desperate to leave Coruscant and their troubles behind, so they took it. All four got the ship and left Coruscant.

Harlow and Lilezi read up on piloting and took many free, low-quality piloting simulator tests, so they knew how to work a ship and pilot it, although the real thing wasn't near as easy as the simulators.

Marx and Vane were skilled fighters and learned how to shoot firearms, as well as teaching Lilezi some moves, however Harlow only wanted to learn the basics; he didn't want to rely on violence. He only wanted to be the brains.

The four, who refer to their ship as the New Dream, became even tighter in relationship, even Marx who gave them some trouble from the start.


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