User InteractionEdit

Just be mindful and respectful to others. Listen to what they have to say. If another person is doing something you don't like, tell them. If they keep doing it, PM a Chat Mod. After that the chat mod will give them a warning and if they persist after that the Chat Mod will kick them.

Please refrain from negative comments about other users on public chat. In general, if you don't want them to join chat the next second and see what you've written, PM it. Complaints on public chat can never be a good thing. Keep it positive or keep it in the PM.

Chat messages should generally be kept under 7 lines in length. Messaging more frequently than once every two seconds is also something that should rarely be done. Capitol letters should be used sparingly, and never exclusively. Excessive spamming, text walls, or caps lock are grounds for a warning from a chat mod and/or a kick.

Spoiler PolicyEdit

With any new Star Wars fiction, there will be a "grace period" on public chat after release during which all discussion of the new material will be strictly prohibited.

For any new installments in the main Star Wars saga, the grace period will last three weeks.

For other Star Wars movies, the grace period will end after only two weeks.

For new Star Wars books, the grace period will last ten days.

For Star Wars video games or interactive media, the grace period will end one week after release.

For new issues of any Star Wars comicbook series, the grace period will last three days.

For new episodes of Star Wars television, a twelve hour grace period will be enforced.

For any media not listed above, there will be no set grace period. Please just be aware of those around you and what they may or may not want to hear. After the grace period is ended, all users who haven't seen the new media yet will enter chat at their own risk.

Staff InteractionEdit

Staff are to be treated the same as everyone else, for the most part. If a Chat Mod is trying to end a conflict they should be supported however is possible. If a Chat Mod gives a warning, their directions are to be followed. Failure to do so may result in a kick. Repeated disruption of the peace or inappropriateness may result in a ban.

If an Admin decides to hold a vote or make an announcement, all other conversation on public chat should cease immediately. Votes should be kept short and as understandable as possible. In addition, please respect the work the Admins and Reviewers do. Don't antagonize an Admin or Reviewer for lack of work on public chat. If you have a problem with the way they are doing their job, not the amount of work, take it up with another Admin and the issue will be addressed.