Birthplace Horushu
Hair Short, covers body, Longer mane around head (male)
Force Ability Below Average
Height 1.8-2.5 meters at the shoulder (male)

1.2-1.6 meters at the shoulder (female)

Weight 350-450 kilograms (male)

60-100 kilograms (female)

Population 20 Billion
Additional Info
Abilities Short-range flight (female)
Weaknesses Loneliness
Features Curved horns (male)

Wings (female)

The Epoem are an intelligent benevolent species from the planet Horushu. They are quadropedal, with elongated heads and short hair over their whole bodies. Frequently used for slaves, they are unable to speak basic.


The Epoem are a quadropedal species with elongated bodies and heads. Males usually measure about 50% longer than they are tall, while females average as high as 100% longer. Their facial structure is that of an herbivorous prey, with large mouths and flat teeth and one eye on either side of the head. They have short tails that are often used in communication and their ears extend from the top of their head.


The males of the species are larger, bulkier, and much heavier. They are built for durability, with thick hides and thicker bones. Their elongated heads are partially truncated at the front, giving them more prominent muzzles. They also have horns on their heads that curve down from the top into a spiral that covers the sides of their skull.

Males also have much shorter necks, their heads extending more forward than up. They have much more pronounced haunches, built for strength instead of speed.