Ele'vuem is a blue skinned, Twi'lek Sith Inquisitor of the Sith Empire. Originally a slave, she started her rise to power under a man who would become a future Dark Lord.

Age 27
Title Sith Inquisitor
Alias None
Nickname Ele
Status Alive
Rank Sith Inquisitor
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Rutian Twi'lek
Species Twi'lek
Birthplace Dromund Kaas
Birth Year 17 BTC
Handedness right
Complexion blue
Eyes ornage
Force Ability master
Height 5'0
Weight 106
Professional Status
Affiliates Master
Faction Sith Empire
Occupation Sith Inquisitor
Underlings None (currently)
Additional Info
Abilities Force mastery
Likes Showing off, indulging in passion, taking down opponents stronger and bigger than her, making smart remarks, being called "Ele" by her master
Dislikes Being treated as just a slave
Special Skills Dual Lightsaber proficiency

Appearance Edit

Ele is a blue skinned Twi'lek of average build and, before becoming a Sith, she had green eyes. After joining the ranks of the Sith, her eyes turned to the glowing orange color all Sith seem to have. She also has Sith tribal tattoos across her body ever since she became an Inquisitor.

Personality Edit

Ele is a very stubborn person, often being described as "as stubborn as a Gundark", a trait that carried over into her time as Inquisitor. She's also one to use manipulation and blackmail, either by her own doing or through the small network of spies she's assembled over the years. At times she can be a bit cruel but she just calls it being passionate about her work, in fact her passion is her personal favorite part of the Sith code.

Backstory Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Red double bladed lightsaber
  • Fury-class Interceptor (personal starship)
  • Standard handheld holo-comm.

Force Abilities Edit

Force Lightning-Being well versed in the force abilities of the dark side, Ele's force lightning is much more powerful than most who use the attack and she can have the lightning arc from one enemy to another, at maximum three can be shocked at once.

Force Choke- Like most Sith, Ele uses the signature Force choke to kill her opponents while getting that sense of superiority to see them struggle for life.

Force Storm- Ele is able to use a much more powerful version of Force Lightning where she can call down a barrage of lightning that strikes enemies in a small, circular area of at least 5 feet.

Saber Throw-Ele can uses her saber as a long range weapon by throwing it and directing its in-flight path with the force. She can only throw it for 6 feet without losing the saber.

Natural Abilities Edit