Darth Xerska
Title Darth
Alias Xerska
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Species Human
Birthplace Unknown
Birth Year 13 BTC

3666 BBY

Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Silver
Height 5'5"
Professional Status
Affiliates Sith
Partners Masters:
  • Pelvor (Sith)


Personal Status
Relatives By Blood:
  • Ruya Miruyo (ancestor)
  • Hyre (son)
  • Hasker Drell (descendant)
  • Reon Drell (descendant)
  • Exan Drell (descendant)
  • Xas'mar Oviss (descendant)
Additional Info
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Born a slave on Korriban, Melodica learned to deal with harsh competition and the joys of death at a young age. Growing up to be a Darth of the Sith made her beyond happy as she murdered her way to the top.


Melodica was born with the strange hair color of white and eye color of silver, despite being human. Some say it was due to her heartless soul and deep-rooted connection to the Dark Side since she was a fetus. She also has very pale skin, although with the combination of these strange physical traits she is menacingly beautiful.

Darth Xerska

(Young Melodica)


Melodica is bloodthirsty, cunning, murderous, merciless, and dauntless. She takes on all challenges with a grin and a glint in her eye. She thrives on others' fear and screams.

Melodica can also be a flirt with both men and women to get what she wants, including, as you'll learn later, a child.

She's a smart one though, knowing exactly what to do to win.


By the time she was a Darth, she had a customized lightsaber with a piercing red crystal.


Melodica chose to be a Sith Sorceress and learned many techniques in Force Lightning. To name her important moves:

  • Force Lightning - Basic Force Lightning
  • Force Storm - A storm would surround her opponents and entrapp them a whirlling tornado of lightning
  • Force Shock - a quick shock of intense lightning would shoot through her fingers
  • Strike Whip - Here she'd be able to control a whip of lightning for a short amount of time, being able to reach in a radius of about ten feet.


Early YearsEdit

Darth Xerska 2

Darth Xerska

Melodica doesn't remember where she was quite born, whether it was Korriban or stolen from another planet, but all she remembers is that she was sent into slavery early in life. There on the homeworld of the Sith, Melodica grew up as a slave and then taken to the Sith Temple to train as an acolyte.

Melodica was quickly realized as ruthless, merciless, and bloodthirsty. She loved the thrill of a deadly fight and seeing her opponents suffer under rigorous torture was music to her ears. Many feared her, and she liked it that way.

She went through her acolyte training going through violent missions and other violent competition. She finally found herself on top and coming under official training with Lord Pelvor. Lord Pelvor was intrigued by Melodica's murderous mindset. He saw great things in her.

With ChildEdit

Melodica got pregnant once, but only for selfish reasons. She wanted a child so as to keep her passionate blood going through the ages. She wanted her legacy to live through her descendants. Melodica met a Human man named Nu'len and after some drinks and flirting, forced him to impregnate her. After that job was done, she killed him. She bore a son named Hyre who was sold into slavery by the age of one-years-old so Melodica could continue her rampage through the galaxy.


She eventually became Darth Xerska, a strong Sith Sorceress, killing off Lord Pelvor and many other Lords to reach her new found status. Melodica, now Xerska, was still as ruthless as ever. Her apprentices knew not to make her angry, or they might get replaced real quick.


Before she died, Xerska bound her soul to her customized lightsaber and she was placed in a "throne room" in an temple on a mysterious planet.

Millennia LaterEdit

Thousands of years later, Xerska was reawakened by a male Inquisitor. She felt a strong connection to him immediately and came to the conclusion he was a descendant of hers. Her plan to keep her legacy worked. Here stood before her a succesful plan without her even having to be there.

She also met his baby twin sons, Exan and Reon Drell.

When they were older, Exan embraced the Dark Side as a Dark Enforcer and trained under Snoke and her. Reon grew up in a Heavy Elite Corps, without knowing of his Force Sensitivity or his heritage, not until later.


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