Benae de Mandalore
Gender Female FemaleIcon.png
Race Mandalorian
Species Human
Birthplace Vindicator
Birth Year 18 ABY
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Force Ability None
Height 1.68 meters
Weight 55 kilograms
Professional Status
Faction New Mandalore
Occupation Thief
Personal Status
Relatives Nierr de Mandalore (uncle)
Additional Info
Likes Running, Not being shot
Dislikes Violence of any sort
Special Skills Thievery, Pickpocketing, Parkour
Weaknesses Combat, Impulsiveness

Benae was a pacifist Mandalorian thief during the reign of the First Order. She was raised on the ideals of New Mandalore and Duchess Satine by her uncle. She became a thief and began to spread the message of peace on largely deaf ears.

Appearance Edit

Benae is shorter than average, and a bit thin. Otherwise she would be considered very attractive if she ever paid any mind to matters of hygiene. As is, she wears rough, sand-colored, slightly tattered clothing and is covered head to toe in several layers of dirt and grime.

She generally tries to keep a low profile to help with her escapes, with usually high success. Her neutral coloured clothing and unkempt hair blend in well with most poorer areas of whatever planet she finds herself on.

Personality Edit

Benae was raised on the pacifistic beliefs of Satine Kryze and New Mandalore, and took those teachings to heart in a very fundamental way. She considers herself not just unwilling, but incapable of violence in any capacity.

However, she's also a bit of an adrenaline addict. This has led her into a lifestyle that involves an overabundance of running away from things that want to kill her. She enjoys this very much. She enjoys this possibly more than anything else.

She is a thief. She has been for a long time. It's part of how she self-identifies, almost as much as her pacifism. If she sees something valuable in the hands of someone who doesn't need it, or who she doesn't think deserves it, it becomes very difficult for her to resist stealing it if given the slightest opportunity to do so. However, she doesn't view this impulsiveness as a bad thing as it often leads into the chases and running away that she loves so much.

As far as how she reconciles her pacifist beliefs with her less than altruistic actions, she basically doesn't. Benae has never been one to think about her personal future. Even if she thinks about what might improve the world, she fails to see how it affects her. Even as she spouts philosophies claiming them to be the only means toward galactic salvation, she frequently places herself in dangerous situations without thought of alternatives.

In the end, she is ultimately selfless in mind. She lives in the moment herself while looking out for the future of the world at large. She only steals when she doesn't see how her mark could be missed and she has never harmed another living thing with intent.

History Edit