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• 7/21/2017

Scoundrels and Dreamers (RP between Steve and Skitti)

Alric's form was fairly sloppy. Living life as a smuggler made him rely more on dodging blows and dirty tricks to keep his origins secret. Lightsaber combat wasn't a specialty of his anymore.

Anro Kirovan's bladework, on the other hand, proved superior. In all three of their sparring matches, the Je'daii Ranger would have disemboweled or decapitated his opponent, had the sabers been at lethal power and been wielded with the intent to kill.

"You must focus," Anro reminded him. "Concetrate on where my blade is and where your blade needs to go to keep it from your body."

They locked blades.

"Working on it..." Alric strained.

The younger man broke away from the lock, shifting backwards, before lunging straight at the elder's chestplate. In a deft and ending move, Anro stepped forward, leaned away from the lunge, grabbed Alric's wrist, and flipped him onto his back with a roll off his shoulder. Alric slammed onto the New Dream's deck with a thud.

"Ow..." said Alric.

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• 6/2/2018
Can I contribute to this?
• 6/27/2018

So sorry for taking so long to reply! I'm actually not too active on here anymore. Neither is the one I did the story with. We have other projects we've been working on that we put on Google Docs, but my new wiki will have the links to all of our "canon" stories. I still need to edit them though so they're not up yet.

We've already finished this story on Google Docs. However, if you have Star Wars characters or story ideas of your own and would like a RolePlay partner, I would be more than happy to look into your creations and see if we can work something out. :)

Also, here's the link to our own Star Wars wiki with all of our fan projects. It's still a work in progress, so don't think that everything on there is everything we have:

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