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• 2/16/2016

Family Roots (PRP between Skitti & Steve)

Opening Crawl

In the fields of Lothal, through the high grass and crops, one man sprinted as a boy sat on a speeder. The sun shined high above as little white clouds floated by. Wind breezed swiftly, swaying the vegetation until the two agitated the peace.

The two young Force Users, Reon Drell and Skai'ra Cloudstalker, sped through towards a certain cave. Skai'ra's small, feminine-like body sat hunched on the automobile, his brown hair rustling in the high winds he was picking up.

Along the way, the young Gray Jedi threw obstacles in Reon's way. As he flew beside Reon he picked up a lonesome rock and hurled it right in front of the trainee.

"Whoopsies, hand slipped!" Skai'ra called out, laughing.

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• 3/7/2016

Reon kissed her tenderly and tucked her under the sheets before heading into the armory where HK-55 stood, charging.

"Query: Is there something on your mind that requires my attention, master?" HK-55 asked.

"I need to know how to counter Sith combat techniques," Reon answered. "I have a feeling Exan is just going to keep building his strength too."

Meanwhile, within Xerska's Temple, Exan came into his ancestor's throne room with a new, black prosthetic arm. He knelt at Xerska's throne, seething.

"Grandmother..." he began. "I need your guidance now... I must destroy them..."

• 3/8/2016

A fog set inside the throne room. Nothing but an unclear silhouette of a woman appeared before her descendant.

"Let your embarresment boil over into anger as a reminder of your failure," Darth Xerska commanded. "If you weren't of my blood I'd have you killed.

"Nonetheless, you are still alive, so I will use you to the best of my advantage.

"Your brother and his comrades are going to keep getting stronger, as I'm sure you are aware. I can even see that little Skai'ra becoming great one day. You must destroy them all. Especially before they are able to bear a child. I foresee another war between familial ties that I will not be able to meddle in. One where our side may lose.

"Exan, I grant you one thing and one thing only. If you lose this, you lose me and your chance of destroying your treacherous brother. I grant you my lightsaber, a true weapon of the Sith. Forged thousands of years ago. Care for it and wield it with a fiery passion."

• 3/8/2016

He bowed his head to her. "Yes, grandmother..."

Standing, he exerted his will on the sacred curved weapon, making it rattle before it flew into his black synthetic hand. He ignited the blade, core black as dead stars and glowing red like hot blood.

He extinguished it and turned to a smaller humanoid figure standing meekly in the doorway.

"My son..." he said, walking over to him.

"Father," the boy greeted, standing dutifully at attention.

Chuckling, Exan picked him up with his remaining arm of flesh and bone. "My son... One day, you will stand here in glory... as is your birthright. Where is your mother?"

• 3/8/2016

Prida walked around the corner, sullenly. Xerska glared down at her descendant's wife.

"Erynn Lishko. So good to see you again," Xerska sarcastically greeted.

"I told you never to call me that," Prida growled.

Xerska gave one chuckle. "You can't tell me to do anything."

Prida walked closer to her young husband and her child. "I wish to leave. I'm not in the mood to be around this place any longer."

Xerska´s silhouette glided down her thrown's steps, stopping to float right next to Exan and his son.

"Do you feel uncomfortable? Does this feel wrong to you?"

Prida didn´t say a word. However, she couldn't help but look away in guilt.

"That's right. Someone raised by parents such as yours and taught originally in the Jedi way could do nothing but feel the immense darkness crushing the light still lit in your body. You aren't fully dedicated to the First Order or the Dark Enforcers or even to Snoke, are you?"

Ignoring her, Prida looked at Exan. "I want to leave, now."

• 3/9/2016

"Of course, darling," Exan said to her, handing their son off to her. "I'll meet you in our chambers."

"Mother," their son started. "Today I fought with Jero. Mistress Tal congratulated me when I broke his arm."

• 3/9/2016

Prida sighed and forced a smile for her son. "Well done, Xas'mar. I'm... proud of you." She walked out with her son in her arms.

"Exan," Xerska finally said, waiting until she knew Prida was out of ear-shot, "be cautious of that woman. She's not telling you something. She's not telling you many things."

• 3/9/2016

"Her passions have been greatly tempered since our boy started training," Exan noted. "I was just as young when I began."

He turned to his ancestor's spectral form. "But we mustn't forget that it was her that taught me to harness my passions, grandmother. I would have never succeeded were it not for her guidance. Thus we may not have reunited years ago, after I was declared Warrior."

• 3/9/2016

Xerska held back her anger at his explanation. She didn't like that Prida was so involved in Exan's success thus far.

"Be that as it may, my child, don't let affection blind you. Keep a watchful eye." She then glided back to her throne.

"Now listen closely," she said, turning around, her shadowy self levitating before her grand seat, "you will wield my lightsaber with me alongside. My soul is in a special bind with that weapon, which is how I'm able to be standing before you today, as I've explained to you before.

"We will have revenge on your brother, his lover, his best friend, and his mentor. All four shall die by the strike of my weapon."

Darth Xerska's spirit sat down on the throne, darkness illuminating from her gloriously evil presence.

"I promised myself I'd kill at least one Jedi after my death, and this is how it shall be done."

Her spirit wisped around the air and swirled into the lightsaber.

"Destroy them all!"

• 3/9/2016

Feeling great strength surge through him, he ignited the blade once again and caused lightning to surge through and out of it, making it crash against and become absorbed within a large crystal fixed to the ceiling. He could taste Xerska's power flowing through him; the power of a Sith.


• 3/10/2016

Prida walked to the outside of the temple, stormtroopers walking around, securing the area as Snoke had them ordered to do. Xas'mar was still in her arms, his small body feeling heavy with light muscle due to Exan's tough training.

A darkness crept up Prida's spine and she cringed. Xas'mar felt the slight shiver and he looked up at her.

"What's wrong, mother?" he asked.

She shook her head. "Nothing," she answered, not giving him one look. He looked back over her shoulder to see his father walk out, looking more powerful than ever, a certain aura emanating from him. Xas'mar smiled proudly to see his father in such a strong form.

Prida dare not look behind her, nor look down in her arms. These mistakes... they're hers to keep... she dare not try and redeem herself... right?

"No... it's too late for redemption. This is my life. This is my son. That is my husband. These are mine...

"Life... now that I think about it... Tess had more life than a regular human could have... that would have to mean that..."

Prida's eyes widened, realizing the truth.


A couple of weeks after the incident on Nar Shadaa, Tess stepped into the bedroom on Reon's ship. There he sat, getting ready for bed.

"Reon," she said, catching his attention. He saw her smiling, rubbing her stomach lightly. "I have something to tell you..."

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