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• 2/3/2016

Forces of Years Gone By (RP between Skitti and Steve)

Opening Crawl

Six planets orbited a blue giant, but on the outermost edge was the presence of a two stars red dwarves orbiting each other, in turn orbiting the blue giant.

"Look at that..." Hart commented, the trinary system in a prime position to see the only habitable planet and the light of the stars illuminate the sphere.

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• 2/15/2016

"I will. Now, I'm going to catch up to Hart. Make sure Vi'tesha is able to speak to him. They both need to know things for them have changed."

Jaeson left the Dark Starlight with a good idea of where he had gone.

Hart's movements on his and Tess' running trail were less than fluid as they had been. He tried to not think about everything that had happened, but the more he tried, the more painful it felt to remember.

"Do you know what you are?" he heard Jaeson's voice to his right.

The Revanite stood in a field of tall grass. It was very familiar to Hart. The young man stopped and looked over at him, the breeze of the starlit night swaying the grasses and blowing his coat about. Only he stood still, unswayed.

"Don't make me repeat myself," Jaeson told him.

"I'm the son of a Dark Adept...." Hart answered.

"Wrong. What are you?"

"Brother of a Blackguard..."

"Wrong again."

"Sithspawn's decedent!"



"Now who are you?"



"Hart Tenson..."

"That name was made up by one ashamed of the name he was given."


"Another false name, made up by those that would make you a slave. Who?"

"I don't--"

"Who are you?"




"And what is Reon Drell? And you can't use a term you've already used."

Hart paused. "A man..."

"And what do you want, Reon Drell?"

"I want... I want to be happy..."

"And what makes you happy?"

He paused again. "She does..."

"Do you want to keep her safe?"

"With all my being..."

Jaeson held out his hand. "Then let me help you find yourself."

Hart... Reon walked out to him and grasped it. They shook and his now mentor smiled.

The young Force Adept walked into the infirmary, mentally preparing himself to face his beloved for all that had happened.

"Hey..." he began simply.

• 2/15/2016

Tess opened her eyes, hearing that familiar voice. She was already sitting up, a tray of half-eaten food and an empty glass of water next to her. She turned her head to him.

"Hi," she responded with pursed lips.

• 2/15/2016

"Tess... I love you. You know that, right?" he asked sincerely, kneeling at her bedside.

• 2/15/2016
Tess stayed silent for awhile. She turned her head away. "What you did..."
• 2/15/2016

"Is unforgivable, I know... and I'm so sorry I hurt you, I just... It was like I lost my mind in there... I didn't know how the Dark Side would affect me... I didn't even know I had the Force. Believe me, I'm not going to let it hurt you again. I promise."

He got up and turned to leave.

• 2/16/2016

"Wait," Tess said, clutching her blanket. "I lost one person because of the Dark Side. Someone I never even personally knew. But, I do know you."

She turned to face him, eyes filled with tears. "Would you promise me to never let the Dark Side get the better of you again?"

• 2/16/2016

He looked back at her with a hint of a smile. "I'm not my brother and I'm not going to be my ancestor's pawn. I'm my own man and they can't stop me."

He walked out the door. Then he came back and gave her a quick kiss and headed out again.

• 2/16/2016

Tess wiped away her tears after Hart gave her that quick kiss. She thought about everything for a bit. He loves her... he hurt her... but it was that damned Dark Side again. Yunice did tell her that Jaeson promised to train Hart. Jaeson wasn't effected by the corruption of the Dark Side as far as Tess could tell... maybe everything could work out?

Tess got out of her bed and caught up with Hart. She wrapped her arms around his and pulled him close her. "So, when does training start?"

• 2/16/2016


Halfway across the galaxy, Exan Drell paced outside of Xerska's Temple, holding a small holoprojector, a seated figure displayed. In the other hand was Xerska's lightsaber.

"Supreme Leader..." he began. "Supreme Leader, the Resistance knows if this place. Darth Xerska's Temple isn't secure..."

"Then we will make it secure as it once was..." the dark voice of his master told him.

Several Star Destroyers dropped out of hyperspace over the planet, several more, smaller ships leaving them and entering the atmosphere.

"Is this truly what she would want?" Exan asked his master.

• 2/16/2016

"Her pride would never allow her to accept this sort of protection, but it is necessary," he answered. "This temple is one of the last remaining ancient monuments honoring the Sith past. We must preserve it's grounds, and the spirit who lurks it's corridors."

One lightning strike crashed in the dark clouds above as an act of stubborness.

"I'll leave you and your ancestor to speak privately." The image of the Supreme Leader dissapeared as the connection was cut off.

A voice flew around Exan's head.

"Be warned, my child. I sense your brother is getting stronger. He's training with that Revanite... and another who is also one with the Force. However, don't fret. The bigger they are... the harder they fall..."

The voice echoed the last sentence and then trailed off into the atmosphere. Another strike of lightning appeared, followed by a sinister clap of thunder. Xerska was determined to have her descendant in her clutches...

...and her vengeance...

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