Featured Article Selection (Sep-Oct 2014)

The wiki just recently passed 30 content pages! To celebrate this landmark, I'd like to spruce up the front page and navigation a bit. To do that, I'm going to pick three pages to give a featured slot on the top bar and a single page to feature on the home page of the wiki. However, I don't want this to be purely my choice, for the completely selfish reason that if it were my choice alone I couldn't pick any of my own pages without looking like a self-centered prick. So I decided to make a voting system.
Everyone gets 5 points to split up as they see fit. Comment below with all the pages you are nominating and how many points you put towards each one. The three pages with the most points will get links in the top navigation bar for the next two months. The single page with the most points will get a direct link at the top of the front page. All three pages will also be added to the new "Featured" category.
Only pages in Fanon can be nominated. Additionally, you can't nominate your own page. Attempting to manipulate or coerce other people's votes in any way is valid reason for all your pages to be disqualified.
Points will be counted up on Monday the 15th. Ladies and Gents, place your votes! ( =