Need help with character creation

Hi everyone, Imp here. You might know me from the RWBY fanon wiki. I thought I'd give this place a try, but I'm having a bit of trouble creating characters, and I was hoping to get a bit of help setting them up.
I figure I should start with something familiar, so my first OC would be a humanoid character. I'm pretty sure he'll be a non-Force-user, and I'd like to make him a pilot, chartering either cargo or passengers for a fair price, if that fits. Maybe he'd get mixed up in some stuff while interacting with the other OCs or something, and then he'd end up picking one side or the other in the process and finding a more solid purpose after a while.
The problem is, I'm struggling to hammer out most of the details related to his background, like race and origin. What are some worlds that might produce someone capable of filling this kind of role? Would he do much traveling, local or otherwise, in order to get the necessary training and/or credentials? Would he have his own ship, and if so, how would he acquire it?
I'm sure I could think of more questions, but maybe if I answer these first, the other pieces will start falling into place. Whatever the case may be, I'd appreciate any and all advice.