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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/21/2017

Scoundrels and Dreamers (RP between Steve and Skitti)

Alric's form was fairly sloppy. Living life as a smuggler made him rely more on dodging blows and dirty tricks to keep his origins secret. Lightsaber combat wasn't a specialty of his anymore.
Anro Kirovan's bladework, on the other hand, proved superior. In all three of their sparring matches, the Je'daii Ranger would have disemboweled or decapitated his opponent, had the sabers been at lethal power and been wielded with the intent to kill.
"You must focus," Anro reminded him. "Concetrate on where my blade is and where your blade needs to go to keep it from your body."
They locked blades.
"Working on it..." Alric strained.
The younger man broke away from the lock, shifting backwards, before lunging straight at the elder's chestplate. In a deft and ending move, Anro stepped forward, leaned away from the lunge, grabbed Alric's wrist, and flipped him onto his back with a roll off his shoulder. Alric slammed onto the New Dream's deck with a thud.
"Ow..." said Alric.
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• 4/10/2017

Nights on Ilum - Part II: The Tale of the Jedi (RP with Steve and Skitti)

Ilum. A cold, snowy planet full of rich and spiritual minerals. Essential to the Sith and the Jedi, this planet was a subject of power.
Malgus, a powerful Sith, decided to create his own Empire and attacked both forces with his own. Some Sith rallied behind him, hoping to gain something for themselves. All were caught off guard by this treachery and sudden intrusion.
A group of Jedi gained transportation on a ship owned by a small group of smugglers. When they arrived, they didn't know how serious the threat had grown to that point.
A few Sith that have no affiliation with Malgus found out about this ship and attacked the base that it landed in. Only few knew about it until a message was sent to the others.
"Sith! There's Sith here! There's-agh!"
Ty'rin, a young Jedi sentinel, clutched her companion's outer garment as they rode on their speeder. She put back her communicator.
"Should we go back?" she shouted over the whirring winds.
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• 12/8/2016

Nights on Ilum - Part I: The Tale of the Smugglers (RP with Skitti and Steve)

Alric Kellard was standing in the corridor leading to the cockpit of the Forrum Family Corellian freighter. He had a concerned look about him as he looked into the lounge and main cargo area.
"Was this a bad idea?" he asked the Mirialan woman to his side.
Thirty Jedi, ten Padawans, ten Masters, and ten Knights, had all set up a makeshift living space with basic mats. There was chatter among them, some debate in how they should be arranged, given many were female, some complaining about the space. But at 6000 credits and a bonus, this was surely worth it.
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• 5/3/2016

Agents of the Old Republic (RP with Steve, Skitti, and Chris)

10 years after the Sacking and Treaty of Coruscant...
In a shuttlecraft flying through hyperspace, two Jedi stood in the airlock, ready for drop from orbit.
The man was in black, armored with plates imbued with the Force. Two swords, a katana and a lightsaber, were belted to his side.
He looked to his female companion. "Ready?"
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• 4/21/2016

The Good, The Smug, and The Rogue (RP between Skitti & Steve)

A ship flew into the atmosphere of the major trading world Columex. The Urban cities beloew bustled with busy bodies going to and fro either on foot or in flying transportation.
The ship flew to the nearest hangar, the landing gear stretching its legs, floating safely onto the cold ground, steaming and resting. The ramp-door opened and revealed a young Mirialan woman, about the age of 22. She stepped down, pushing back her black hair.
"Finally," she said, stretching. "We made it!"
A young man, the same age but Human, walked down the ramp behind her.
"Hold up, Lilezi," he said. "Don't get too excited. You don't even know where we're going yet."
"Oh, chill, Vane, I'm just taking a quick look around," Lilezi answered.
Another young man, about the age of 15, but looking a couple years older than he actually is, stepped off the ship with hands in his pockets.
"Well, I know exactly where I'm headed. Message me when you guys are ready."
"Marx," Lilezi said, hands on her hips. "Don't tell me you're headed to a random cantina."
"I didn't tell you, now did I?" he snapped back, walking off.
"Marx-" Vane began, but the last crew member, a young man by the age of 20, chuckled from within the ship.
"Don't worry," he said. "He'll come back once he realizes I took his credits."
"Harlow," Lilezi began, "You know he's going to kill you."
Harlow shrugged and walked back into the ship.
Vane rolled his eyes and looked over at Lilezi. "You ready to get the job?"
"Yeah," she answered. "You got the coordinates of the cantina?"
"Yup," he answered. "Let's go."
They walked away, trusting Harlow with the ship, and knowing Marx wouldn't leave them completely. They went on their way to the Shady Ale cantina south of the hangar. This was where their next client would be.
"Y'know, we could really use a helping hand," Lilezi admitted as they walked alongside each other.
"Yeah," Vane sighed. "The jobs seem to get more difficult each time, and I don't know how much longer Marx is going to stick with us. He's getting older and eventually he'll realize he'll be able to take care of himself soon."
Vane and Lilezi looked at one another and chuckled.
"Yeah, sure," the Mirialan said. "But, in all seriousness, we do need to find someone who'd be willing to join our little crew."
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• 3/23/2016

Shadow of the Old Force (RP between Skitti and Steve)

Long ago, on the ancient Jedi homeworld of Tython...
The Jedi were preparing.
Hundreds of young Jedi were on the way to completing their training, be it specialization of combat or diplomacy, the War with the Sith Empire called for such preparation after the Sacking of Coruscant and the Jedi Temple there.
One such Padawan, Ty'rin Cresura, was called to the Temple Recordsmaster, where the records of Jedi and the ancient temples spanning millennia were cataloged.
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• 3/12/2016

Lost and Found (PRP between Skitti & Steve)

Opening Crawl
On the planet Fest, a young boy about the age of 13, sat in horrified silence as he had been for a couple days.
"Help, help, help..." he repeated in his mind over and over. The loneliness crept into his very soul and he couldn't bare it any longer.
"Help, help, help..."
In his hands he clutched two lightsaber hilts close to his chest. He rocked back and forth, staring at nothing. His hair was awry, his clothes stained, and his face dirty.
"Help, help, help..."
The images of his master whom he loved so deeply being murdered kept flashing before his eyes. Tears started to trudge their way down the dirt on his face.
"Help, PLEASE!"
He dug his face into his curled up knees and cried violently for the nth time that day.
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• 3/10/2016

Shadowed Steps (PRP between Skitti & Steve)

Opening Crawl
Shoes clicked against the hard floors of one of the many corriders of the star destroyer Ascension. Two stormtroopers chased a young blonde girl, about the age 15, down the hallways. She looked back multiple times to make sure their distance was good.
"Hey!" the male stormtrooper shouted. "Stop! Ms. Lasker!"
The girl only panted heavily as she pressed forward.
"Yunice!" the female stormtrooper yelled. "Why are you doing this!"
That was a friend of hers... but she should no longer be a part of her life, as should this ship, as should the First Order.
Yunice forced herself to keep running until she reached the hangar where she knew an old lambda-class ship sat waiting for her treacherous act to be nearly complete. Her body ached and her breathing was raspy, but Yunice was known to never give up on her goal. Except the goal to displease her father. She was sure he was watching every surveillance, watching his daughter leave him one stomp at a time.
She skid around a corner and suddenly tumbled to the ground, a young boy falling with her. She got up and glanced at him. His tag said "HE-110".
"So sorry," she panted, although was she apologizing to him or her family?
Yunice got back up and kept going just as the stormtroopers turned the corner, jumping over the young boy.
Finally, she reached the hangar and she ran to the ship. How did she get this far? Wouldn't her father done more to stop her? Surely he knew why she was doing this...
She jumped in, starting up the ship, lifting it off the cold ground, and blasting out of the hangar. The woman stormtrooper told the male to leave it to her. She jumped into a TIE Fighter, flying after her friend. She turned on the comlink, connecting to Yunice.
"Why are you doing this?!" she yelled.
"Leave me, Vi'nessa!" Yunice shouted, tears running down her face. "I can't do this anymore!"
Vi'nessa was really Yunice's only true friend, their fiery personalities working well together to bounce burning encouragement off one another.
"Yunice, please?! Don't do this! How are you going to survive?!"
Yunice stayed silent, not knowing the answer herself. But she was determined to never be caught being affiliated with the evil First Order any longer.
"Goodbye, Vi'nessa," Yunice said, before putting in coordinates to one of the planets she knew of, and blasting off.
Vi'nessa slammed the controls of her starship and turned back around to Ascension.
Hours later, Yunice found herself flying towards Tatooine. However, she knew she would be attacked or ambushed by resistors of the First Order, so she decided to fly around in space for a small bit...
Tears fell down her cheeks again as she remembered her friend, whose personality was so snarky and humorous that she was almost unbearable, but in a good way...
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• 2/22/2016

Spark of Bastirven (RP between Zeus and Steve)

A young man laid in the tall grass of his world. The cool winds blew his hair back in the direction the grasses were bowing, revealing four small dark horns beneath his hairline. He enjoyed the warm sun shining on his face. Unfortunately, this enjoyment was cut short by his warm sunlight going away.
Opening his eyes, he saw the same Star Destroyer he'd been seeing for months block out the sun. He checked his wristwatch.
"Right on time," he said, getting up and walking to his swoop bike, stretching. He mounted his vehicle and rode across the fields to his hometown.
A few squads of First Order stormtroopers acted as guards. They simply patrolled, barked orders at some militia guards, but otherwise caused little trouble.
The young man parked his bike near his small house and walked around, looking for a particular Chiss on duty. He spotted her. "Hey Veca!"
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• 2/16/2016

Family Roots (PRP between Skitti & Steve)

Opening Crawl
In the fields of Lothal, through the high grass and crops, one man sprinted as a boy sat on a speeder. The sun shined high above as little white clouds floated by. Wind breezed swiftly, swaying the vegetation until the two agitated the peace.
The two young Force Users, Reon Drell and Skai'ra Cloudstalker, sped through towards a certain cave. Skai'ra's small, feminine-like body sat hunched on the automobile, his brown hair rustling in the high winds he was picking up.
Along the way, the young Gray Jedi threw obstacles in Reon's way. As he flew beside Reon he picked up a lonesome rock and hurled it right in front of the trainee.
"Whoopsies, hand slipped!" Skai'ra called out, laughing.
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• 2/15/2016

Running Down a Dream (RP Between Knight and Skitti)

The things I do sometimes...However, I should be grateful its Zeltros and not Nal Hutta, Nar Shadda or Ord Mantel...
Hardun heaved a sigh as he brought his ship into the atmosphere, having already gotten himself clearance from what passed for the ATC. Nimbly making his way through the atmosphere, he sets down Midnight Comet with ease in one of the births. The smuggler then checked his security moments later before heading off of his ship, his WESTAR pistol sitting in its holster out of precaution. 
Well...since I'm here, might as well head to that cantina I heard so much about. 
He then paid his docking fees, stopping at a brief meeting to collect his payment before he made his way towards the line of cantinas that seemed to propogate around the spaceport. The man noted one with amusement at its name before he headed inside, already feeling a bit heady. 
Heh...Passionate appropriate...
He found his way to a booth before sitting down and letting out a sigh of contentment.
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• 2/3/2016

Forces of Years Gone By (RP between Skitti and Steve)

Opening Crawl
Six planets orbited a blue giant, but on the outermost edge was the presence of a two stars red dwarves orbiting each other, in turn orbiting the blue giant.
"Look at that..." Hart commented, the trinary system in a prime position to see the only habitable planet and the light of the stars illuminate the sphere.
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• 1/15/2016

The Farm Girl and the Runaway (PRP between Skitti & Steve)

Opening Crawl
The scene starts out on the neon flooded planet Nar Shadaa. Vehicles zoom to and fro outside as people inside tall buildings bustle around just as busily.
Vi'tesha Lishko, or Tess, is found sitting in a cantina. She just got done with a secret Resistance meeting in one of the back rooms. Now she sits at the bar alone awaiting further instruction. She hopes she's able to leave soon. Tess misses the greenery surrounding the Resistance Base. All these buildings that seemed to have no beginning were cold and mysterious.
She pushed back a strand of brunette hair from her face and took a small sip of her drink. As much as she liked meeting new people, she wasn't too fond of men coming up to her and throwing flirtatious comments in drunken slurs. Although, she was surprised that there weren't that many intoxicated folks in this cantina. Probably because the owner, who was obviously a supporter of the Resistance, kept this place cleaner than most places. Tess took a sigh of relief and readjusted her loose fitting jacket. It was getting uncomfortable but she wasn't ready to let the "ladies" lure in unwanted company.
Tess took another sip of her beverage. Ugh... I'm so bored... I'd rather be sewing...
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• 2/16/2015

Frictional Mission (PRP with Alex and Steve)

In the year 1 ABY, Azula'tara had just returned from an assignment to the rebel base in the Frigga Belt where she was stationed. She had been told to report to her superior at once, and for the first time, in person.
She walked into the mysterious office she had never been allowed to see. It was small, clean, and sparse. The woman who had been giving her orders for the last four years sat behind a blank desk, with spectecles resting just under her commanding eyes on the tip of her nose.
Azula'tara sat in one of two chairs across the desk from the rebel official, "You called?"
The woman made no effort to respond, "Last year, you retrieved an imperial officer from a holding facility in the inner rim."
Azula'tara nodded, "For a retrieval mission, that wasn't a bad one. He was a double agent, right? who got discovered a bit too early?"
The woman continued, "He had been gathering information on an ongoing imperial archeological investigation. Once you retrieved him, we were able to discover where they were digging, namely in the Elenas system."
Azula'tara smiled, "Well that's not far from here. So, what, I go in, find out what they're digging up and blow it up if it's dangerous?"
"No. You go in, find out what they're digging up, and if it's dangerous, He will blow it up."
That raised an eyebrow, "He?"
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• 10/28/2014

Rogue Family (PRP between Steve and Zeus)

Jaes and Cayda'araan found themselves on the roof landing platform of one of Coruscant's hospitals with Imperials closely following. He sealed the elevator and waited for Oola and the Starlight Strider to pick them up from their first escapade as father and daughter.
"Not even five minutes and we're already running from Imperials," Jaeson said weakly before activating the comlink in his Slice-Buddy. "Hurry love, I don't want to be here any longer than we have to!"
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• 9/7/2014

Memory Cypher (PRP with Alex and Steve)

In the year 0 ABY, Druue Transitora was following a potential lead on the investigation of her mother's death. She had travelled to the planet Bestine IV, an imperial island world in the inner rim. She had heard that the officer who gave her mother the order to visit the Death Star had gone on vacation there.
Druue questioned the resort where the officer had stayed, only to find that he had already left three days prior. The resort obviously kept no records on where their customers went when they left, so Druue was left with no place left to look.
She decided to stop on the way back to her hotel for a drink. She sat in the corner of the room, where she could see everything going on. When the waitress came, Druue ordered a glass of 8e0059-125 Decap, and a blue milk Nuna steak.
She continued to study the actions of the other people, searching for nothing in particular, and everything at the same time. When her food came she began to eat slowly, thinking of how she would find her next clue.
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• 9/7/2014

Featured Article Selection (Sep-Oct 2014)

The wiki just recently passed 30 content pages! To celebrate this landmark, I'd like to spruce up the front page and navigation a bit. To do that, I'm going to pick three pages to give a featured slot on the top bar and a single page to feature on the home page of the wiki. However, I don't want this to be purely my choice, for the completely selfish reason that if it were my choice alone I couldn't pick any of my own pages without looking like a self-centered prick. So I decided to make a voting system.
Everyone gets 5 points to split up as they see fit. Comment below with all the pages you are nominating and how many points you put towards each one. The three pages with the most points will get links in the top navigation bar for the next two months. The single page with the most points will get a direct link at the top of the front page. All three pages will also be added to the new "Featured" category.
Only pages in Fanon can be nominated. Additionally, you can't nominate your own page. Attempting to manipulate or coerce other people's votes in any way is valid reason for all your pages to be disqualified.
Points will be counted up on Monday the 15th. Ladies and Gents, place your votes! ( =
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• 8/26/2014

Partners in Crime (PRP between Steve and Zeus)

In orbit above Ryloth - 1 BBY
Jaeson sat in the middle of his quarters aboard the Starlight Strider, by himself. He mediated in the middle of the room, trying to let the Force flow, but found it difficult. During the entire course of his membership in the Ryloth Brotherhood, working as one of Captain Oola's smugglers, and as a bounty hunter, he found himself distracted. His thoughts would often turn to Oola r'utian and his emotions would rise. And the more he tried to detach himself emotionally, the stronger her image would return to meet him. And the more it plagued him, the slower his progression in the Force was.
He broke his meditation as he sensed Oola approaching, just before the Strider was about to pass over Ryloth's Bright/Darklands border to sort of see a type of sunrise.
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• 7/30/2014

Need help with character creation

Hi everyone, Imp here. You might know me from the RWBY fanon wiki. I thought I'd give this place a try, but I'm having a bit of trouble creating characters, and I was hoping to get a bit of help setting them up.
I figure I should start with something familiar, so my first OC would be a humanoid character. I'm pretty sure he'll be a non-Force-user, and I'd like to make him a pilot, chartering either cargo or passengers for a fair price, if that fits. Maybe he'd get mixed up in some stuff while interacting with the other OCs or something, and then he'd end up picking one side or the other in the process and finding a more solid purpose after a while.
The problem is, I'm struggling to hammer out most of the details related to his background, like race and origin. What are some worlds that might produce someone capable of filling this kind of role? Would he do much traveling, local or otherwise, in order to get the necessary training and/or credentials? Would he have his own ship, and if so, how would he acquire it?
I'm sure I could think of more questions, but maybe if I answer these first, the other pieces will start falling into place. Whatever the case may be, I'd appreciate any and all advice.
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